Scrub & Tree Cutting Services & Section Clearing

We're Your Handyman for Tree Cleanup and Pruning Services.

Tree Cutting Services NZAt SIVC we don't only have a fleet of spraying vehicles, we also have chainsaws. Whether you require tree cutting services in Mackenzie, section clearing in Christchurch or pruning services in Marlborough - we're the one to call.

We can do anything from scrub cutting and clearance through to Hawthorne felling, light pruning and chipping. If your section clearing job requires professional tree felling, we have expert contractors at hand to carry out this specialised work, while our team take care of the tree cleanup.

But there's more: apart from pruning and tree cutting services, we make sure your property looks tidy with noxious weed spraying and gorse control. Or we can even tidy up that overgrown plot of land with our brushcutting and scrub cutting services.