Broom & Gorse Control in NZ: Gun Spraying

We're Experts for Noxious Weed Control

Noxious Weed & Gorse ControlGorse control is one of the biggest problems for lifestyle block holders through to farmers. Unless you are into making gorseflower wine you would probably do anything to exterminate this plant. SIVC have all the right equipment for noxious weed control. We have qualified staff for gun spraying, broom and gorse control. Our 4WD vehicles are equipped with large-capacity long-reach hoses which means we can literally go anywhere, even into hard-to-reach hill country.

SIVC offer targeted gun spraying and noxious weed control services from Canterbury to Mackenzie, from Marlborough to Tasman. We consult with chemical specialists to get the right, environmentally appropriate product for your weeds and to ensure local ecosystems are well managed and preserved. We can also tackle gorse in industrial premises.